A major highlight of an Israel Christian tour, Capernaum is where Jesus is believed to have taught and performed his miracles. Also called ‘Nahum’s village’ the former fishing village is famous for its archeological excavations which revealed two synagogues, built over each other. The white ruins of the first synagogue stand out from the other buildings in the village which were made primarily of black basalt.

Capernaum: The Greek Orthodox church and the Sea of Galilee

Believed to have been built around the 4th or 5th century, beneath its foundations lie the foundations of a basalt synagogue possibly dating back to the 1st century. This structure may have been mentioned in the Gospels and in particular was where Jesus is said to have taught and cured a man possessed of a devil.

Capernaum (on the Sea of Galilee): The ancient synagogue

The House of St Peter, where Jesus prayed, is another highlight on a Christian Israel tour. The site was unearthed during Franciscan excavations, and identified as being the home of the fisherman. In 1990 the Franciscans built a hexagonal, modern church over the house, elevated on pillars with a glass floor so that visitors can see the original remains underneath.

The Capernaum -Tabha Promenade, alongside the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret)